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Food and Film: The Oyster Farmers

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Food and Film: The Oyster Farmers

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#Three in our Food and Film Series: 

The Oyster Farmers

A Pop-Up Sustainable Seafood Tasting and a Movie
Brought to you by the Nantucket Land Council and the Nantucket Shellfish Association

Saturday, December 2nd

6pm Starlight Theater screening
7:30pm Oyster Tasting at 14 Easy Street


The evening will start with a screening of the beautiful documentary The Oyster Farmers at the Starlight Theater followed by a short Q&A session.

We will then head over to the beautiful new space at 14 Easy Street where discussions of sustainable seafood, water quality, local food economies and more will be complemented by a cocktail party-style tasting and small bites. We will be sampling a variety of local oysters to experience how the merroir of different locations plays into the nuances of taste in one of the most sustainable proteins available.

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