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Food and Film: The Oyster Farmers
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#Three in our Food and Film Series: 

The Oyster Farmers

A Pop-Up Sustainable Seafood Tasting and a Movie
Brought to you by the Nantucket Land Council and the Nantucket Shellfish Association

Saturday, December 2nd

6pm Starlight Theater screening
7:30pm Oyster Tasting at 14 Easy Street


The evening will start with a screening of the beautiful documentary The Oyster Farmers at the Starlight Theater followed by a short Q&A session.

We will then head over to the beautiful new space at 14 Easy Street where discussions of sustainable seafood, water quality, local food economies and more will be complemented by a cocktail party-style tasting and small bites. We will be sampling a variety of local oysters to experience how the merroir of different locations plays into the nuances of taste in one of the most sustainable proteins available.

The Movie: The Oyster Farmers

A feature length documentary, centers on coastal life in NJ, specifically the Barnegat Bay. The once prolific Eastern Oyster, an economic and cultural keystone, historically decimated, is poised to recapture its legacy. Oyster farmers in the Barnegat Bay lead a Baymen’s renaissance, cultivating a resurgence of the oyster, to restore its heritage.

In association with Oak Leaf Media, the film’s driving force, the ethos of environmental stewardship, coastal culture, and sustainability echoes throughout the film. The Barnegat Bay, historically the epicenter of wild oysters on the entire Eastern Seaboard, is now less than 1%. This film aims to raise awareness of our lost oyster culture and to preserve our Baymen's heritage.

See more here.

The Tasting: Try Oysters from four different local farmers accompanied by natural wines, local beer and sustainable seafood nibbles

- Channing Daughters Wine
- Devil's Purse Beer
- Nantucket Fresh Catch
- Oysters from Fifth Bend, Great Harbor, Grey Lady and maybe even more. 
- a surprise selection of various under-loved fish like Bluefish, Cusk, Dogfish, Skate Wing and more, all depending on what is available from local sources.
- Photography in Easy Street Gallery by Dan LeMaitre

The evening has been inspired by bycatch, Oysters and the amazing dedication of the people in our community committed to water quality, local food and local fishermen.

Join us for a unique one-night only evening of local food, fun and film as mediums for discussion about the state of the water in our harbors, local food, environmental stewardship and all the amazing seafood out there we are missing out on.



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