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supporting local, seasonal, mission-driven makers. movers. and shakers.

local. seasonal. mission-driven.

Looking for local/seasonal foods, local makers, local growers from a wind-blown, sandy little island 30 miles out to sea.


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Mayumi Hattori


The Club Car


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the mission is local

all things Nantucket

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island kind

spreading the word on ways to be kinder to our island

Island Kind was born out of a single pop-up we hosted called For the Birds. It was the moment we decided enough is enough, we HAVE to all be a part of reducing single-use plastics.
We host events, pop-ups and have a small (but growing) eco-shop where you can find the basics that help us all break free from plastics.
Follow us @beislandkind

The Mission is Local is our opportunity to focus on just Nantucket Makers: the movers, shakers, growers, crafters, small producers, artists and more that are the foundation
and fabric of the island.
Keep an eye out for our maker features and follow us on Instagram @themissionislocal and #nantucketlocalfoodreport to see our regular updates on where to find local food and local goods on the island.




We are a business crafted around supporting small producers using all of the tools at our fingertips from digital platforms to potluck dinners.

Ideas for events, features, snapshots, pop-ups and more…GET In touch!!!