Mirabai Perfas with Big Hug Dumplings

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Name: Mirabai Perfas
Passion: “Big Hug Dumplings grew out of a desire to provide unique and delicious food that not only nourishes those who choose to eat with us but also nourishes our community as a whole. In order to do this we use predominantly organic ingredients and when possible we buy produce and products from local farmers and producers.”
Business: Big Hug Dumplings

What she makes: Delicious handmade steamed dumplings filled with organic local ingredients & love!
Facebook: Big Hug Dumplings
Instagram: @BigHugdumplings

Where to find his/her products: The Big Hug Dumpling Cart will be opening back up the Friday of Daffodil weekend! The cart will be at Cisco Brewery from Thursday through Saturday until Memorial Weekend. Starting May 29th Mirabai will have her cart at the brewery from Wednesday through Friday for the summer. She is also available for private parties during the weekends with a months notice!

Upcoming: The first hands-on class is this Friday April 19th at 6:30pm at the Nantucket Culinary school. Participants will learn how to roll dumplings and two methods of cooking them. All sold out, Go Mirabai!

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Rita Higgins