Ciara Fritsch from Pure Body Nantucket



Name: Ciara Fritsch

Passion: Sourcing the best ingredients, learning about the provenance and benefits of each ingredient and ultimately to provide affordable, effective, organic and plant-based skin care products using only the highest quality ingredients.

Business: Pure Body Nantucket

What she makes: Face oils, soap, lip conditioner and nourishing body oils


Instagram: @purebodynantucket

Where to find her products:

Ciara sources her products from well-established organic farms and companies. Her well sourced and crafted beauty products are intentionally made to ensure amazingly fresh skin care products. You can currently buy her products online and in several Nantucket retailers listed here:

-Antiques Depot: 2 South Beach Street

-Gift and Box: 5 Washington Street

-Annye's Wholefoods: 14 Amelia Drive

-Nantucket Pharmacy: 45 Main Street

"I just had to buy one of her soaps at @Bartlettfarms during the Living Well Fair. Amazing ingredients such as rose clay, charcoal powder, grapefruit, bergamont, mint & mandarin oils leaving my skin feeling properly cleansed and hydrated."

Online Retail: You can find her products for sale on her website listed above


  • Find her Daffy Weekend! At 2 South Beach Street at the Antiques Depot

    • Thursday the 25th: 5-8 pm

    • Friday the 26th: 10-5 pm

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