Ana Romero from Land of Lulo


Name: Ana Romero

Passion: people watching, creating beautiful jewelry

Business: Land of Lulo

What she makes: jewelry


Instagram: @landoflulo

Where to find her products: you can find Ana at various makers events throughout the year (including our own!)

Ana Romero established Land of Lulo in 2007. Her intentional jewelry is a series of creative works based upon ritualistic impressions with ethnic and organic inspired elements. The collection, both fierce and playful represents a coherent and thoughtful composition and Ana’s one if a kind pieces convey the energy of talismans.

Originally from Colombia, Ana found herself washed ashore here on Nantucket 16 years ago. Ana had been living in NYC and on a suggestion from a friend and an intuitive sense that a change of location was needed, she bought a one way ticket to the island and never looked back. For Ana, her interest in organic materials began at a young age, playing around with her fathers leather crafting tools and which then led her into a metal smithing apprenticeship. Her jewelry is an incredibly beautiful expression of joy, color, mixed materials and fierceness all inspired by a combination of people, the earth and the Nantucket air itself.

“ The air here is like none other. I believe the moment I landed on this island my eyes got brighter. The scents are so sweet here.” - Ana

We smell that Nantucket air too - the sweet smell of Spring flowers, salty ocean breeze and that special something else that inspires us all...

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