Lynne Begier from Roastd General Store


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Name: Lynne Begier
Helping people feel empowered about their own wellness
Roastd General Store
What she Makes:
Intentional coffees, teas and other wellness products

Instagram: @roastdgeneralstore

What Lynne is all about:

Lynne is no doubt a powerhouse of a woman. Her vision to share health and wellness products, teas, drinks, elixirs & more manifested with her own brick and mortar: Roastd General Store. Her passion is to help people feel empowered about their own wellness. Roastd offers a mix of holistic, plant-powered wellness solutions for pain, inflammation, overall wellness and preventing disease.

Whether you are stopping in for one of their creatively delicious coffees or teas, or just for a quick superfood raw ball to go, you will undoubtedly get sidetracked by her curated wellness products; ranging from CBD oils and salves, tinctures, chocolates, candles, and other wellness products. She says it best “these products are meant to spark joy and well being in customers’ lives. The marketplace supports makers whose products are created with integrity and transparency”.

When she’s not at her shop, you can find her teaching yoga as well. Her dedication to wholeness is inspiring; helping us all find a bit more balance and self nurturing in our day to day lives.


159 Orange Street, Nantucket MA