Claudia Butler from Ambrosia



Name: Claudia Butler
Organic artisanal spice blends & fine teas
What she Makes:
Organic spice blends, tea mixes, and chocolate
Instagram: @ambrosianantucket

Where to find Ambrosia Spices & teas:
Claudia’s artisanal spices are loved by many on the island. She caters to many restaurants in town. To name a few: Roastd, Nantucket’s Club Car, Lemonpress, Proprietors, Nautilus, Or the Whale, Ventuno, Via Mare, Corner Table, & the Wauwinet.

Not to mention her spices fill our homes as well. Our spice essentials at the moment are ‘The Everything Spice Blend’, ‘Furikake’, ‘Za’atar’, ‘Chinese 5 Spice’, ‘Wild Rose Sea Salt’ and ‘Cassia Cinnamon’. When it comes to the teas we absolutely love her ‘Peppermint’, ‘Assam Chai’, ‘Hibiscus’ and ‘Don Chong Xiang Xue Oolong’, just to name a few. Her bright and fragrant jars of spices & teas are nestled perfectly on our kitchen counter, adding a touch of seamless home decor.

If you have yet to go visit her, we suggest you go take a peak! Her boutique is a hidden jewel filled with delightful surprises and scents. A blend between various European and Asian cultures, her shop makes you feel warm, welcomed and transported to another time and place. In addition to spices, teas and chocolates the store has various other little household musts such as local honey, tea steepers, knives, herb grinders and gift sets for your loved ones!

The Ambrosia Spice Shop is located at 29 Centre Street, in the Meeting House.

** She will be moving locations in September and the next spot is to be determined. We hope she doesn’t wander too far, her passion towards food and sustainability is an inspiration to us on the island. Thanks Claudia for helping cultivate an awareness towards our island’s local food movement!