Leah Mojer



Name: Leah Mojer
Passion: craftsmanship/artistry/artisanship, cheese, raw wine, amazing meat, stellar beer, all things local and small, zero-waste, gleaning, cooking
Work: seeking out all of the above goods for Bartlett's Farm, organizing people for good and inspiring us all to seek out the best in food and wine (especially that Raw wine!)

What she makes: sausage, vintage picnic basket sets, the BEST raw wine and craft beer choices on-island (and maybe even the Cape and Islands)

Website: www.outingclubpicnics.com 

Instagram: @leahmojer and @voxedwine

Where to find her: You will find Leah and her amazing wine, beer and cheese selections at Bartlett's Farm. When she is not on the floor at Bartlett's she is always looking for all things local and small, organizing local events for good (like the Litter Derby) and generally inspiring us all to learn about, appreciate and eat food from the most passionate makers.

A Quote from Leah that We Love: "Found and savored" - we believe this is meant to be applied to food, wine and life in general....