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rebel eaters

We are a committed group of food-lovers, local-producer supporters with an 'everything but the kitchen sink' range of experience in the food industry from waitresses to caterers, cafe owners to chefs, small producers to food writers.

What we care about is the success of our locals - restaurants, cafes, producers and farmers. We understand what a tough industry food can be and even moreso now with the role social media can play.

We want to help the little guys keep doing what they are good at and worrying less about Yelp or number of stars.

So what do we do as Rebel Eaters?

We come to your establishment, eat a meal, check things out, have the full experience and then we let you know what that was like. We don't put the information on social media - we put it in your inbox. So that you can learn and improve.

If you are interested in having Rebel Eaters visit your restaurant or cafe fill out the form and we will get in touch to discuss details about what you need to know and how we can help.



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Supporting local, seasonal, mission-driven food and small producers on Nantucket and beyond since 2016.