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Badass Women Calendar


Badass Women Calendar


Created by Artist Joey Hartmann-Dow, this is the 3rd edition of the Badass Women Calendar.

Each month features a hand-drawn portrait of a Badass Woman and important dates to remember.

Includes such badasses as:

Coretta Scott King
Nellie Bly
Tammy Duckworth
Lucy Parsons


Important dates include things like:

July 2: Civil Rights Act (1964)
September 4: Beyoncé's Birthday
October 26: Brownsville Clinic Raid (beginning of Planned Parenthood, 1916)

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The Badass Women Project aims to inspire all kinds of humans by celebrating badass women-- particularly to lift up women of color, queer women, and individuals or groups that have not traditionally been recognized for their badassery-- because feminism is necessarily intersectional.

The project began shortly after the U.S. Presidential election in 2016 as a collection of portraits representing Badass Women whose actions have advanced equality in the world we know.

The project continues to grow. Follow @thebadasswomen on social media to stay in touch.

In this edition of the Badass Women Calendar, I hope to especially lift up some people who you haven't heard of, or whose badassery you hadn't quite comprehended (...with a few badass classics thrown in).

I also have always strived to include a diverse group of women, with the goal of highlighting folks who haven't traditionally been celebrated. I am increasingly trying to include more international badasses, and especially women of color, indigenous women, and queer women.

I'm excited to announce that this year I will be donating a percentage of the profits from the project to Black Women’s Blueprint, an organization that specifically supports women of color in the US.

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