8:00 PM20:00

Litter Derby

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Sunday, April 14th from 8 am to 12:30 pm
Trash weigh-in at Bartlett’s Farm 1 pm sharp. Rain or shine!
Awards ceremony, cash prizes, and afterparty at Cisco Brewery, 3 pm on

Free to Register!
Registration ahead of time-

Facebook- send us a message!
Handlebar cafe
Cisco Brewery
Bartlett’s Farm

Registration requirements-
Can have up to 6 participants per team
1 team name- make it a fun one!
2 contact phone that is able to receive text messages
3 email contact

Rules and Regulations
Teams can start picking up trash anytime anywhere on island between 8 and 12:30.
No cheating!
Teams will get a text message at 8 am with information on trash items that will garner extra points, plus hashtags to use on instagram for extra points
Bring collected garbage to bartlett’s farm at 1 pm to be counted!

Suggestions for success!
Bring a friend with a truck to move bags of garbage from location to location!
Wear reflective/ visibility vests on the road!
Pick up garbage bags at Cisco prior to event

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Green Road Refill
1:30 PM13:30

Green Road Refill

Bring out your bottles!! One week countdown until we can all refill! Like we always dream about! Sustainable Nantucket has organized for the Green Road Refill to be here on island next Saturday so that we can fill up on all sorts of beauty and cleaning products and more. I'm excited and hoarding my empty bottles so I can fill up since we don't know when this will ever happen again. So get excited - two refill locations with an info session in-between at the 

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The Goods that will be available:

Everyday Shampoo
Everyday Conditioner
Color Care Shampoo
Tea Tree Shampoo 
Tea Tree Conditioner
Coconut Body Wash
Coconut Lotion
Zuzu Body Wash

Beekman 1802 -Clove Peppercorn & Cardamon 
Body wash

Lavender hand soap
Grapefruit dish liquid
Magnolia Lily HE laundry detergent 
Free & Clear HE laundry detergent
Lavender HE laundry detergent
Wave dishwasher detergent

Better Life
Lemon mint dish soap
Stainless steel cleaner
Stain and odor remover 
Kitchen and bath scrub
Tub & tile cleaner
Glass cleaner
Granite Cleaner
Wood Polish
All-purpose cleaner - clary sage
All-purpose cleaner - unscented
Citrus mint hand and body soap
Citrus Mint Lotion
Clary Sage Lotion

Aromaland Unscented

Very Emollient Lotion

French lavender lotion

Dr. Bronner’s All-in One
Baby Mild

100 Mile Makers is involved in this event because we believe in reducing single-use plastics wherever we can!!!

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