Soil: Notes Towards the Theory and Practice of Nurture Capital

by Woody Tasch

“It is about billions and trillions of dollars in the global economy, and billions and trillions of microbes in healthy, fertile soil. Nurture capital is a vision of finance that starts where investing and philanthropy leave off, giving us a new way to reconnect to one another and places where we live, all the way down to local food systems and the soil.”

Why We Were Inspired:
We haven’t thought about the nitty gritty of economic theory since second year at University but we have known in our bones that when it comes to the environment and when it comes to food - something is very, very wrong with our current economic system. This book brings together those gut feelings into an articulate, radical yet sensible/logical discussion about the environment and economics - where we have been, where we need to go and where we should consider investing: SOIL.

This book has sent our minds spinning with all the ways we can possibly invest in the soil, in regenerative agriculture, permaculture and the people with the passion and dedication to devote their lives to building soil, growing food, storing carbon in the process and ultimately beginning to tip the scales towards a truly sustainable local economy.