Butcher/Baker/Farmer #1 with Ambrosia

Below are the details of each course: the goods, the makers and where to find them. For even more details to geek out on, check out our tasting notes page here.


To Eat: A trio of Vineyard Cheeses, late-season apples, a Nantucket jam and a duo of Nantucket Honeys

To Drink: Mulled Cider with a splash of Bourbon (or not)


Honey - The two honeys came from two different Nantucket Honey producers Pond Lot and Bee Happy Honey.

Apples - We tasted three different types of apples: Gala, Empire and Northern Spy.

Cheese - The three cheeses were all from Grey Barn and Farm on the Vineyard. 

Bread - We had two different Pain D'Avignon breads toasted - the cranberry pecan loaf and the 7 Grain Loaf.

Jam - Teddy from Nantucket Jams made a beautiful Wild Pear and Lavender Jam.

Mulled Cider with Bourbon - The apple cider from Carlson Orchards was simmered with mulling spices from Ambrosia and then, upon request, a splash of Triple Eight's Nor'Easter Bourbon 



Ambrosia - Nantucket, MA 
Mulling Spices. Available at their own shop on Center St.              

Bee Happy Honey - Nantucket, MA
Honey. Available at Bartlett's and online.                                  

Carlson Orchards- Harvard, MA
Cider and apples. Available at Bartlett's in season

Grey Barn and Farm - Chilmark, MA
Prufrock, Eidolon and Bluebird organic cheeses. Available at Bartletts (in season).     

Nantucket Jams - Nantucket, MA  
Wild Pear and Lavender Jam. Available online or at events   

Triple Eight - Nantucket, MA
Nor'Easter Bourbon Whiskey. Available at the Brewery or in liquor stores. 

Pain D'Avignon - Hyannis, MA
Cranberry Pecan Loaf and 7 Grain Loaf. Available at Annye's and Stop and Shop or at their cafe in Hyannis.    

Pond Lot - Nantucket, MA      
Available at Ambrosia

#2         BURRATA V. MOZZARELLA             

To Eat: Two beautiful cheeses served with greens and topped with Chive Blossom Vinegar Dressing

To Drink: Lady in the Woods, Dry Cider or Lemon-Verbena Tea


Cheese - The two incredible cheeses - Burrata and Mozzarella - were both from Gioia. 

Greens - The bed of beautiful salad greens came straight from the Community Farm Institute and included Pea Shoots, Radishes and Salad Greens

Microgreens - the tiny and lovely microgreens from 2 Friends Farm topped the salad, providing us with a bit of color and a lot of nutrition.

Dressing - Dylan used Ambrosia's Chive Blossom Vinegar as the base for the dressing on the salad

Beer and Cider - Lady in the Woods was the beer - an aged ale, slightly sour and the Cider was Cisco's Dry Cider.

Tea - The Lemon Verbena Tea was island-grown by Dylan and Claudia from Ambrosia.


2 Friends Farm - Attleboro, MA     
Microgreens. Available at Bartlett's                           

Ambrosia - Nantucket, MA                         
Chive Blossom Vinegar. Available at their own shop on Center St.    

Cisco/Nantucket Vineyard - Nantucket, MA
Lady in the Woods Beer and Dry Cider. Available at the Brewery

Community Farm Institute - Nantucket, MA
Pea Shoots, Radishes and Salad Greens. Available directly from the growers or at the weekly Artisan's Market



To Eat: Amber Cup puree and roasted Carnival Squash topped with toasted Vadouvan Curry-Wild Nantucket Filberts

To Drink: Saison Farm House, Chardonnay, Oolong Tea


Squash - We wanted to have an opportunity to try two different squashes to discover the difference (if any) in flavor and texture. The two we chose were the Ambercup and the Carnival, both from Bartlett's.

Vadouvan Curry Spice - A French-style curry blend from Ambrosia, set apart from other curry blends in that it features caramelized shallots, giving it slightly sweet/savory complexity.

Filberts - harvested by hand by Dylan from Polpis Road. Keep an eye out for the beauties and appreciate every bite as they are slow to husk.

Rose Sea Salt - A custom Sea Salt blend from Ambrosia using Wild Roses to add flavor and color.

Beer and Wine - The Saison Farm House is a Cisco Brewery reserve beer - quite strong and not too sour. The Chardonnay is a French-Style (so a little less buttery, more clear texture) using California grapes.

Tea - Ooolong is a 1/2 black - 1/2 green tea blend from Ambrosia


Ambrosia - Nantucket, MA                         
Vadouvan Curry, Filberts, Rose Sea Salt and Oolong Tea. Available at their own shop on Center St.    

Bartletts Farm - Nantucket, MA                  
Squash. Available at the farm.

Cisco/Nantucket Vineyard - Nantucket, MA
Saison Farm House Beer and Chardonnay. Available at the Brewery.

#4         MEAT AND 7 VEG      

To Eat: Herbed Roast Beef and Hot Italian Sausage with Sautéed Greens and Roasted Roots

To Drink: Rantum Scoot, Wash-Ashore Red and Assam Tea


Beef - From Weatherlow farm. Roasted with the Juniper Woods Rub from Ambrosia.

Sausage -  Spicy Sausages from Weatherlow Farms.

Beans - These were Scarlet Runner Beans grown by Dylan Wallace himself.

Juniper Woods Rub - a beautifully seasonal spice blend from Ambrosia that works on meats and vegetables.

Sea Salt - from Cape Cold Saltworks was used as a finishing salt. Cape Cod Saltworks is owned by CapeAbilities, a non-profit organization that provides work opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Greens and Roots - a mix of greens and root vegetables all from Nantucket Farms including carrots, kale

Beer and Cider - Rantum Scoot, another Cisco Reserve Beer, the Wash-Ashore Red  - a blend of grapes

Tea - Assam, a classic black tea that is the base of many English Breakfast Blends.


Ambrosia - Nantucket, MA                           
Juniper Woods Rub, Beans, Assam. Everything but the beans available at their own shop on Center St.    

Cape Cod Saltworks - Nantucket, MA        
Finishing Salt. Available at Bartlett's Farm as well as random shops in Hyannis and on the Cape.

Cisco/Nantucket Vineyard - Nantucket, MA.
Rantum Scoot and Wash-Ashore. Available at the Brewery

Community Farm Institute - Nantucket, MA
Kale and Carrots. Available directly from the farmers or at the Artisan's Market

Moor's End - Nantucket, MA                            
Greens and Root Vegetables. Available at their farmstand.

Pumpkin Pond Farm - Nantucket, MA          
Greens and Root Vegetables. Available at their farm.

Weatherlow Farm - Westport, MA              
Beef and Sausage. Available through their website.

#5            DESSERTS AT LAST            

To Eat: Toffee, Caramels, Chocolate Bark, Chocolate-Dipped Peaches, Chipotle Pepita Brittle, Russian Teacakes

To Drink: Rooibos Chai


Toffee, Caramels and Brittle - All from Taylor at Small Town Girl

Chocolate Bark - a beautiful bar of dark chocolate from Ambrosia with rose

Chocolate Dipped Peaches - Organic Peaches dipped in chocolate.

Russian Teacakes - from Lark Fine Foods, these are only available in the cooler months as they don't ship well in hot weather. Which means it is officially Russian Teacake Season...

Tea - The Rooibos Chai was a beautiful finish to an incredible meal. Naturally sweet and caffeine-free the Rooibos Chai is a great tea as you can't over-brew. 


Ambrosia - Nantucket, MA                            
Rooibos ChaiChocolate Bark and Chocolate-Dipped Fruits. Available at their own shop on Center St.    

Lark - Essex, MA                                             
Russian Teacakes. Available at Bartlett's and Annye's.

Small Town Girl - Nantucket, MA                
Toffee, Caramels and Brittle. Available at markets and at Pi Pizza's take-out shop.


Mugs and Dinnerware from Tracy Daily whom you can find at many island markets

Candles from Bee Happy Honey

Cut Flowers from Weatherlow Farms