What is 100 Mile Makers: a business crafted around supporting small producers using all of the tools at our fingertips from digital platforms to potluck dinners.

What are we all about: We believe in small and local - for the environment, for the economy, for community.

We believe small is where passion and spirit can thrive and even more so if the local community can support that passion and spirit.

We also believe small is where big change can begin and we hope against hope to someday see a big change in the way we eat and buy - who and where we get our food from, who and where we get our goods from - knitwear, cosmetics, gifts, essential goods - we hope to see all of these things available locally, FROM locals.

We know, it’s a dream but we arenot giving up on it just yet.

We also know that the current system (distribution, marketing etc) is all designed around big business. But at the same time we believe there are ways we can find to still connect and support small by making just a few small changes, creating a couple more places and means for people to connect with each other both digitally and in real life.

Why 100: We came to the conclusion that 100 miles made sense as a starting point for defining local as it is the distance a small producer, all filled up with their goods, can drive in a day to drop off somewhere. We realized after being IN the small producer world, growing garlic and micro greens, that many small producers self-distribute - driving around all over the place dropping off, checking-in, collecting things etc. Getting into a distributor is tough and often times involves some compromises small, passionate craftspeople and crafts-growers are not willing to make. So they continue to self-distribute. And 100 miles is about as far as many would go regularly. 

What are Makers: To us, makers are farmers, gardeners, small producers, chefs, craftspeople, non-profits, artists - people involved in making things happen locally.