100Mile Makers

supporting local, seasonal, mission-driven makers. movers. and shakers.

what we do:

We find creative and conventional ways to support a sustainable food system by supporting our local small producers, growers and makers.

When crafting our events and services we have three main principles close to heart that we work into all that we do:

Education, Accessibility to local food and Seasonal Eating.


We take these principles and translate them into engaging, interactive events that go beyond a simple meal, creating opportunities to get local food into the hands of people who wouldn't have access to local food and making sure that for every event we craft ways to reduce waste in the food chain from the field to the compost bin.

why we do it

We truly believe supporting small and supporting local is good for the community and better for the environment.

We make it our mission to seek out great producers and local food. We believe eating, drinking, buying local is better for us and better for the planet. One local tomato at a time we are looking for ways to make local food more available and more accessible.

how we do it

We love to tell the stories of the passionate people behind our local food scene - everyone from the potter making plates to the farmer growing the garlic. You will find these stories on our social media and our website.

We also believe in the power of gathering together to 'break bread', tell stories and foster the connections between all the people growing our food, making our food and eating our local food. You can find out about upcoming events by subscribing to our newsletter here.

We also host private events whether you are looking for a fun and engaging company dinner to a product launch, we can design a personalized event around you and local food.

You may come across our logo in a store near you. Our logo is there to let you know that the product you are looking at is made locally.


Now, what is local and why 100 Miles?
Local can mean many things to many different people and it can be tough to know exactly what is meant by local. We chose 100 Miles for one main reason - it is the distance a small producer could travel easily in one day, a determination influenced by both experience and history. The experience has to do with one of our founders driving around with her Uncle, all over the countryside, delivering his locally-made aiolis and realizing how many other small producers were doing the same. The other influencing factor was a discussion about the history of food transport and how for so long, it was based on how far a horse and carriage could go in one day. So add a bit of history into the modern context, et voila - 100 Mile Makers was born.

And when we can’t find local we look for seasonal or we look for small, dedicated passionate growers and makers!


Supporting local, seasonal, mission-driven food and small producers on Nantucket and beyond since 2016.